Vol. 3 No.5  

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Bucharest Hotel Guide 2007
Guide to the biggest names in local law - Bucharest 2009
Bucharest - International School Guide

Romania in Europe

Mission without mandate

Romania must consolidate its aims and policies in the EU and start making alliances fast



Lonely heart seeks EU mate

Features - Pharmacy Future Legal Awards 2007

  Retail therapy

  Local pharmacies look
  to foreign ownership
  and expansion abroad

 Legal Awards

 Business leaders
 gather to award
 the best deals,
 negotiators and
 teams in the Romanian legal industry

Country Focus: Italy Country Focus: Sweden

  Latin power

  Romania’s most
  important trade partner
  intensifies local presence
  in energy and


  Swede Talk

  Warnings of the
  safeguard clause in
  justice, while Ikea entry
  offers stamp of approval
  for less risky investors

Country Focus: UK Political Profile

  Brit and miss

  UK takes its first steps
  into real estate and
  retail, while banks and
  construction firms
  maintain cautious watch



  New Minister of Foreign
  Affairs, Adrian Ciorioanu,
  now has to play
  peacemaker between
  Basescu and Tariceanu
Politics News
»   President empowered by referendum result
»   Justice system shake-up meets resistance
»   Bruised law patrolling MP wealth passes
»   Basescu under fire for private thoughts
»   Politics round-up
Economics News
»   Romania to face higher deficits: EC predicts
»   Half of energy sector unfit for business
»   Accor joins Continental to develop seven new Ibis
»   Constanta Oil Terminal joins ‘dream pipeline’ consortium
»   Economics round-up
»   Latest foreign investments
Business Leader

  Merging on two fronts

  Turning three banks into
  one: Rasvan Radu at   UniCredit Tiriac Bank
Real Estate
» House of games: how to spot a property con trick
» Property of the month: Former World Bank HQ up for rent
» Brits plan mall onslaught in north and west
» Real estate round-up

  Italian lessons

  How to make the perfect
  formula of taste and
Experts Platform

  Room for boom

  Real estate will continue
  its rise, argues Ionut
  Costea, president and
  CEO of Raiffeisen Banca
  pentru Locuinte

  Beauty in confusion

  Sublime Objects from
  eastern France
  Mean mother

  Audi's new SUV is a
  tough ride to handle