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Tariceanu to kick out the Democratic Party from power


Broken Flowers

  When the cold war ended, Moldovans collected at the River Prut to offer floral tributes to Romanian relatives they had not seen for over 40 years. Sixteen years on from this Bridge of Flowers, Moldovans need visas to enter Romanian again and a political crisis is making these hard to obtain. Many Moldovans fear a return to the days of isolation.

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  Learn to earn

  Pros and cons of
  studying an MBA in


  System overload

  Romania's telecom bosses
  raise the bets on the
  technology of tomorrow

Country Focus: Netherlands Greek Investments Awards 2007

  Another gateway to

  Logistics is moving on up,
  while metalwork could offer
  outsourcing future



Politics News
»   Basescu impeachment team: no smoking gun
»   Court slashes sentence for mutual fund collapse
»   Vote on electoral reform on ice
»   Intelligence boss resigns after gaffe
Economics News
»   Lifting of house-buying rules could trigger price rise
»   Exploit good times: international agencies urge
»   Nokia offers lifeline to Cluj industry
»   Romanian copper giant buys into Serbia
Political Profile

  Green visions

  Eco-friendly Environment
  Minister Sulfina Barbu says
  polluter must pay

Business Leader

  How to play the local

  Roxana Lazar, CEO of public
  finance specialist  Dexia
  Kommunalkredit Romania,
  points out to funding needs

Real Estate
» Balkan boom: Bulgaria and Romania real estate compared
» Property of the month: Interwar telecom HQ given modern makeover
» Japanese minimalism due for Snagov
» Round-up of the best new deals in Romania
» Chilean model
How to bring heritage into the modern mainstream
Experts Platform

  Stock markets: it's only a battlefield

  Stere Farmache, GM of Bucharest Stock Exchange on March's mini-crash

Taking to the streets

  Art collective brightens
  Bucharest's public spaces
On the town
  Pick up a Klimt for 200 Euro

  Classic reproductions in the
  Historical Centre
» Easy going
The new Lexus SUV is totally Zen