Vol. 3 No.6  

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Bucharest Hotel Guide 2007
Guide to the biggest names in local law - Bucharest 2009
Bucharest - International School Guide

Energy Special

Power hungry

Romania has resources, private interest and public will to be a regional hub for energy: but will it succeed?

Energy exporting powerhouse by 2014:

Minister Varujan Vosganian talks ambitious targets

Report - Election shake-up Editorial

  Voting for change     

  Parliament agrees to
  allow people to elect
  their own members of
  Parliament, but privately
  parties oppose new initiative


  German model gets the
  balance right

Country Focus: USA Country Focus: Switzerland

  Coalition of the

  Ambassador Taubman
  talks business and
  war, while US firms
  target services and IT sectors


  Wealth conscious

  In luxury goods, the
  Alpine nation takes a
  closer look at Romania -
  but there may not be
  enough Bucharest millionaires yet

Country Focus: France Country Focus: Canada

  Political instability?

  French continue drive to
  build up industrial
  complexes in Romania


  Mine time

  Despite protests, mining
  firm Gabriel Resources
  confident to win license
  to drill

Politics News
»   European Commission threat to Romanian justice remains
»   Council of Europe backs CIA terror camp allegations
»   Former PM Nastase in bribe for cover-up charge
»   Romania starts to wake up and have a clue about Europe
»   Politics round-up
Economics News
»   Petrom enters power generation market in Ploiesti
»   Bechtel: first motorway section could be ready for end-2008
»   McKinsey opens office in Bucharest
»   Romania's 20 billion Euro EU structural funds approved
»   Economics round-up
»   Latest foreign investments
Business Leader

  Transparency matters

  Radu Enache, president
  of the American Chamber
  of Commerce, talks US
Real Estate
» England's scheming: Bored of Bulgaria, Brits buy up Transylvania
» Property of the month: Suspected brothel for sale for ten million Euro
» Irish and Romanian 800 million Euro venture for capital
» High class block for undeveloped Parliament south
» Bucharest and Romania property round up

  Gadgets for the

Drop catchers, void
  pumps, foil cutters: tools
  for taste showcased
Experts Platform

  Why everything will go

  President of the IT&C
  Commission Varujan
  Pambuccian on how
  operating systems will
  rule your life

On the town

  Pop baroque

  New spirit and old world
  charm at La Strada Deco
  Xtra special

  New BMW X5 inspires
  fear and envy