Vol. 2 No.8  



Selling Souls

     Ending human traffic should be the responsibility of nations which have chosen to open their border and allow free movement of labour. The Diplomat analyses Europe's worst crime. »

     “My boyfriend told me I would be an au pair” - a victim tells her story. »

What's in the Romanian shopping basket?

Consumers turn on to fruit, veg and wine »

  No visas for adoptions:
  Outgoing Ambassador to US Sorin Ducaru speaks
  about Trans-Atlantic relations.
News Reports
» Heading for an imperfect accession to EU
» Transnistrian vote provokes further fears of conflict
» Romania to become a destination for human traffic
» Precedents in legal system on table for justice reform
» Romania bucks trend by backing global organisations
» Hi-tech industry boosts trade but deficit still wide
» Petrom to develop massive Kazakhstan oil reserves
National Days


Manufacture, retail and R&D heads east, as new Ambassador Roland Lohkamp promises Germany will ratify EU treaty by the end of the year



Major public construction deals go Spanish, as parallels between the two Latin nations' patterns of development emerge »



Giant Turkish firms such as Dogan Media and Sabanci Holding check out Romania »

Business Leader
»   Keeping ahead of the game:
  Orange Romania CEO Richard Moat stakes future on
  mobile retail
» Should the National Liberal Party expel its old guard for speaking their minds ?
» Watching out for traps in the property market
Real Estate
» Property of the month: Where kings get naughty: alleged royal love nest for sale
» Blocks resurface in capital's east and south
» Round up of the top property deals nationwide
» Naked truth: Finnish landscape and body art
» Foreign affair: How internationals appreciate wine
» Seoul brother: The new Hyundai Santa Fe