Vol. 2 No.4  



And the decision is ?
There is no decision

     In its allocated time, the European Commission has failed to come to a conclusion on whether to allow Romania and Bulgaria to accede in 2007 or delay entry until 2008. Instead representatives of the 25 member-bloc have decided to review the situation by October. »

COMMENT: Not such a grand compromise


Laying down the law

     Bucharest commercial law firms have a strong grip on the Romanian market, but as Romania continues to accelerate its development, the global legal players are taking interest. The Diplomat talks to the leading local companies and top UK firms about the future. »

Going private:

New opportunities for legal firms for 2006 and 2007.
Plus the pros and cons of the four billion Euro share scheme, Fondul Proprietatea (Ownership Fund) »

Guide to 20 of the biggest names in local law

Fresh laws could see leasing market grow up – but at what cost?

     New laws should make the leasing market grow up, but they come at a price, finds Corina Mica, as she analyses the two billion Euro business

First port of call

     Enterprising Israeli firms are making their foreign debut in Romania, finds Ana-Maria Smadeanu as she talks to top Embassy staff and local Israeli business leaders. »

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Business Leader
» Ionut Costea, president of Raiffeisen Banca pentru Locuinte, on the property boom
» Is it too late for the Lustration law?
» Non-bank lenders face tough new legislation
Real Estate
» Property of the month: Ex-Local Government HQ needs one careful owner
» Everybody needs good neighbours: Oz firm South Pacific Group banks on new Suburbia
» Development guide: Bucharest and Romania at large
» Mass-marketing, renaissance style: Engraving exhibition
» Which US president is also the name of a banned European grape?
Plus other wine-related trivia
» Swedish beauty treatment: Get your hands on a pair of Saabs