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Robin van Rozen, the president of the NRCC and the CEO of Philips
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Romanians voted for their representatives in the European Parliament

Partial data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on the morning after the day of EU parliament elections organized in Romania showed that the electoral alliance of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Na...


Insolvencies to decrease by around 14 per cent in the first months of 2014

The number of companies that became insolvent in the first four months of 2014 fell by 14.36 per cent to 8,889, from 10,379 in the same period last year, according to the National Trade Register Office (ONRC), ...


GE plans to acquire Alstom's Energy activities for 12.35 billion Euro

French-based company Alstom announced in late April that it has received a binding offer from US-based giant General Electric (GE) to acquire its Energy activities, according to a press release issued to The Di...


Ericsson expands by 4,000 sqm the office spaces within West Gate

The Romanian branch of Swedish telecommunication producer Ericsson announced it expanded by 4,000 sqm the office area within Western Bucharest-based West Gate office complex owned by Genesis Development, repres...


Daewoo Mangalia launches to water the largest ship for vehicle transportation

The Mangalia shipyards delivered at the end of April the largest ship for vehicle transportation ever built in the region of Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, the commissioning freighter being a company in Norwa...


Marius Adrian Chiriac

The judicial administrator of Hidroelectrica has appointed Marius Adrian Chiriac to run the Trading-Supply department of the company effective May 12. Between 2012 and 2014, Adrian Chiriac was the director for ...


Arad county sees over 1.5 million Euro investment

A greenfield investment worth over 1.5 million Euro, belonging to German company Stanzwerk Wetter for producing folding mechanisms and systems for furniture, was inaugurated in late May in Ineu, Arad county, ac...


Biogas to be obtained from Unilever's expired food

Unilever, one of the largest players in the local consumer goods market, has signed a partnership with Genesis Biopartner Group, through which it is committed to deliver waste from expired food to be converted ...



Game of competition. Who is calling the shots?

Everything is possible in love and war, they say, but not when it comes to competition. The local business sector should play a fair competitive game in order to evolve correctly. However, there are always players who try to cheat - by narrowing down competition - as there are always referees who try to prevent this from happening. Alexandra Lopotaru looks into RCC's 2013 activity and weighs the upcoming games.



Boran, BSTDB, talks about Romanian agribusiness

The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) has provided a total of 52 million Euro to three agribusiness projects in Romania so far. Mustafa Boran, vice president banking, told Alexandra Lopotaru where Romania's agriculture stands within the strategy of the bank.


Waving the Dutch flag (on Romanian business land)

As the leader in terms of foreign direct investment in Romania for more than ten years, the Netherlands is constantly seeking new opportunities in terms of bilateral cooperation


Advising Romania - Romania's consultancy market then and now

Romanian companies are gearing up to meet EU standards and western levels of competition, and they will always need tailor-made solutions to help them succeed in a changing world


Business services at full speed. When will the radar catch them?

Cost-efficiency with staff, geographical location, market size and high labour competences make Romania one of the most looked for destinations in terms of the business services sector, an emerging industry estimated at 500 million Euro with more than 25,000 people


Romanian Energy Awards 2014: may the best player win

The Diplomat – Bucharest rewarded and celebrated the best performances of the most prominent companies and managers in the local energy sector during the "Romanian Energy Awards 2014" gala

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