Vol. 2 No.10  
What will happen to the Romanian business market in 2007?

     Construction, services, tourism and high street fashion: this is where the potential investment lies for 2007, argue local business leaders.

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Sibiu - European Capital of Culture in 2007

     Sibiu has a chance to showcase the cultural richness of Romania on an international stage as European Capital of Culture next year, but will it be ready for 2007 ?

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Country Focus - Czech Republic

     Czech Republic is leading the new European states with half a billion Euro invested in Romania, finds Corina Mica as she talks to the latest Czech Ambassador to Bucharest, Petr Dokladal.

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Country Focus - Japan

     Romania still lacks the magic formula to attract massive investments from Japan, finds Ana-Maria Smadeanu as she meets the new Ambassador of Japan to Romania.

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