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February - 2005


What problems could this government face, taking into account the mixed success of the coalition in 1996-2000?

Former President of Romania Emil Constantinescu

From my experience as a president in a similar situation, the role of the president as a mediator becomes very important, as long as he respects the constitutional limits of his prerogatives. The main positive thing about a coalition government is linked to the problem of state corruption.Acoalition and a strong opposition are favourable, as they keep an eye on each other and on state institutions. Nevertheless, the problems of this coalition are their level of competence and a constant attitude that appeals to populist tendencies.

Cristian Preda, Dean of Political Science, University of Bucharest

This coalition is less prepared than the one in 1996-2000. They are much more of a mosaic and too eclectic intellectually and professionally to function properly. The previous coalition had the ethical legitimacy, as they were made of parties which had been arrested during Communism. But this coalition emerges out of political negotiations overshadowed by suspicions. Members of the new Government are worthy of our respect, like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but they do not have political support. It's a delicate situation.

Tom Gallagher, author of ‘Theft of a Nation’

The new government must not alienate its supporters and cause many to migrate to the extremist camp. It needs a strong anti-corruption stand in the health service. Doctors and health-care workers should start to face penalties for soliciting bribes. If these died out, ordinary Romanians would save a huge amount of money. In the justice system, there should be stronger penalties for judges, prosecutors and notaries who abuse their positions.

Titus Corlatean, spokesman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD)

Because the ideological spectrum is so wide, it will be difficult to maintain a common discipline, react fast and be efficient. The new government lacks experience in administrating the country's problems. Some of them have academic experience, but their weakness is the capacity to govern.