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February - 2005


Opening of the new offices of the Wallonie-Brussels Delegation in Romania

Reception for the Canadian business community

Lebanon - organised its National Day Celebrations

Albania - National Day Celebrations

Japan - National Day Celebrations

Kingdom of Thailand - National Day Celebrations

Charity concert organized by Maltese Corps in Romania

President Basescu met with Romania's diplomats

Premiere of Laurentiu Calciu’s film ‘The Land is Waiting’

Visit of Baroness Emma Nicholson to Romanian troops in Iraq


The opening of the new offices of the Wallonie-Brussels Delegation in Romania on 16 November, where Commisioner Daniel Sotiaux and Counsellor Franck Pezza showed guests around the new headquarters.

H.E. Mr. Franco D. Pillarella, the Canadian Ambassador, offered a reception for the Canadian business community on 16 November at his residence on the occasion of the visit in Romania of Lorne Cutler, regional manager South Eastern Europe and Black Sea Region of the Export Development Canada.

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The Republic of Lebanon organised its National Day Celebrations at the Intercontinental Hotel on 22 November. H.E. Mr. Mohammed El Dib, Ambassador to Romania welcomed representatives of the diplomatic corps, business people as well as local VIPs.

Republic of Albania - National Day Celebrations hosted by H.E. Mr. Leonidha Mertiri, ambassador to Romania at the Diplomatic Club, gathered at noon the crème de la crème of the Romanian diplomacy on 26 November.

Japan - National Day Celebrations On 2 December, the diplomatic and the Japanese business community assembled to celebrate in advance the National Day of Japan on 23 December. More than 300 guests attended the reception hosted by E.S. Mr. Naotoshi Sugiuchi - Ambassador of Japan to Romania.

Kingdom of Thailand - National Day Celebrations.H.E. Mr. Warawit Kanithasen, ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, choose Crowne Plaza as venue for this year's celebration of the National Day, hosted on 3 December.

Maltese Corps in Romania organized in December a charity concert at the Romanian Atheneum to raise funds for building a home called "The house of wishes" for those less fortunate.
Amassador of the Order of Malta in Romania, Franz Alfred von Hartig together with academic and Maltese Corps member Balaceanu Stolnici, received a 1.3 billion lei cheque from number of generous sponsors.

President Basescu met with Romania’s diplomats to set out his credentials for piloting Romania into the European Union. “We are at the onset of a diplomatic year from which Romania has ambitious expectations,” he said. “Our success will depend on the seriousness of our domestic agenda, but also on the effectiveness of co-operation with each of your countries… We are also grateful to our European partners for their substantive assistance granted in the run-up to our accession.”

Brit Ambassador Quinton Quayle tucks into Romanian rustic staple polenta at the premiere of Laurentiu Calciu’s film ‘The Land is Waiting’, a snapshot of Rroma village life, in which the children of a poverty-stricken family are encouraged to apply to and finish university. “In Romania, the situation of the Rroma is unacceptable in a modern country,” said British Ambassador Quinton Quayle, whose embassy supported the film. He added that such movies were of “great importance in removing Rroma stereotypes”.

Soldier girl: Baroness Emma Nicholson, European Parliament member with a special interest in Romania and Iraq, combines her two duties by visiting the Romanian Troop Batallion 812 ‘Carpathian Hawks’ stationed in the southern Iraqi province of Dhi Qar.