'The Diplomat – Bucharest’ aims to bring a fair and balanced analysis, accurate information and comprehensive coverage of the political, business and diplomatic scene in Romania.      Our reporting team speaks to key figures in business, non-Governmental organisations and politics and cites only primary sources unless otherwise specified.
     Exclusive interviews have included all the major ambassadors, President Traian Basescu, many ministers of the current Government and leaders of some of the largest investments in Romania.
     ‘The Diplomat’ is an international magazine name which appears in around 15 other countries, each with autonomous operations.
     'The Diplomat - Bucharest' is read by key people in diplomatic missions in Romania, the Government and related international institutions, as well as decision makers and leaders in businesses, charities and NGOs relating to Romania, in addition to an ever-growing international readership.
     The magazine is released ten times a year, every month with the exception of August and January. If you have any further questions regarding the magazine, please call or email: Telephone +40 31 4022709 or +40 31 4022710, email: office@thediplomat.ro .