Vol. 4 No.3  

Taking care of business

Private medicine in Romania is fighting fit due to an ailing state sector and a class of super-rich, while Centrul Medical Unirea’s Wargha Enayati holding a lead in corporate healthcare. Michael Bird reports
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Executives stressed with nonsensical real estate prices, hundred-dollar barrels of oil and the threat of market collapse may want to check up every aspect of their mental and physical health to test how boom-and-bust is affecting their mind and body.
To put bosses at ease, Wargha Enayati, director general of leading private medical practice Centrul Medical Unirea, is launching this month a screening programme from Germany in his new six-floor practice in Baneasa.
This aims to be the full work-out for the manager under pressure from the vicissitudes of leading a company in an emerging market. The patient comes to the clinic for up to eight hours, where he or she undergoes a complete body and mind test from urine to heart and head, detecting everything from cancer to nutrition levels. A report on their health is then ready the next day.
The full whack comes at a high cost – but this is cheaper and more convenient than flying out to Vienna or Berne. “The management screening programme hasn’t so far existed in Romania,” says Enayati. “It will not be for all.”
This is part of CMU’s colossal new 12 million Euro private medical empire near Baneasa Airport on Boulevard Ion Ionescu de la Brad. Now open is the diagnostic centre, which Enayati claims is the largest in Romania. Next door a six floor in-patient gynecological and obstetric hospital is under construction.

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