Vol. 4 No.3  

Mr Georgios Poukamissas is the new Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Bucharest. Mr Poukamissas is a trained lawyer and was plenipotentiary minister second class in the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry in 2006 and General Consul of Greece in Benghazi, Libya between 1990 and 1993. He speaks Greek, English, French and German.

Mr Frank Hajdinjak, 45, is the new general director of E.ON Gaz Romania. He replaces Mr Achim Saul, who will be part of the board of E.ON Ruhrgas International. Since 2005 Mr Hajdinjak was the former deputy general director of E.ON Gaz Romania Holding and for ten years previously worked in different positions in the energy group.
Bishop of Oltenia Teofan, 49, has been elected Bishop of Moldavia and Bucovina. This is the second most important position in the Romanian Orthodox Church and is often viewed as a preparatory role for becoming the Patriarch.

Monsignor Francisco-Javier Lozano, 65, is the new Ambassador of the Holy See to Romania. Previously he was Vatican’s Ambassador in Croatia. He also worked in Nigeria, the former Yugoslavia, Guatemala, Tanzania and Congo.

Mr Constantin Mihail Grigorie, 57, is the new Romanian Ambassador to Moscow. Grigorie stated, during his hearing in front of the MPs, that this comes at a moment of a “frozen relationship” between Romania and Russia.

Mr Tomas Pawlowski, 40, has been appointed general manager of Mars Romania.

Mr Mihnea Motoc, 42, has been appointed Romania’s Ambassador to the European Union, replacing Lazar Comanescu. Mr Motoc is a former head of Romania’s mission in the United Nations.

Mr Dragos Damian, 40, has been appointed the Romanian country general manager for pharma group Zentiva. Mr Damian is taking the place of Jozef Belcik, who will stay with the company as a regional manager.

Mr Eduardo Luz replaces Mr Mihai Ghyka as general manager of InBev Romania.

Mr Mjupco Arsovski is the new Macedonian Ambassador to Bucharest.

Mr Ahmad Abdul-Salam Hassan Majdalani was appointed Ambassador of the Palestinian State in Romania.

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