Vol. 4 No.3  

Turning on power efficiency

Romania and the Netherlands are partnering on new initiatives in saving energy
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The Dutch are becoming more offensive in bringing environmentally-friendly ideas to Romania, but many innovative concepts still may not be applicable in the east European country.
The Netherlands has led the way in Europe in formulating a business case for energy reduction, partly because the crowded low countries experience a necessity to save on resources.
“We would like to be in the forefront of political development and encouragement in climate change and gas emissions reduction,” says Dutch Ambassador Jaap Werner. “We are talking to other countries to see if we can go beyond this strategy.”
The EU must diversify energy sources, reduce gas emissions and the effects of climate change and is worried about energy dependency, particularly on Russia.
Romania and the Netherlands already work together on the trading of energy in the framework of the Kyoto protocol. “Romania is an important partner in more efficient energy use and better control of emissions,” says the Ambassador. These are also ‘collective good’ policies which can lay a foundation for countries to build strong bilateral cooperation.
The EU aims to cut gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2020, but the Netherlands wants to go further, to reduce emissions by 30 per cent.

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