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From wine what sudden friendship springs

On the discreet terrace of a five-star hotel on a relaxed afternoon in the month of May, in the company of selected, modern and refreshing wines. Someone speaks in Romanian and, although is a foreign language to most of the audience, everyone will understand, maybe because it's about the universal language of wine. But, just to make sure, a translation is offered.
The waiters carefully pour a comprehensive selection of wines for tasting. We begin with wines from the Rhine Valley, Mosel and young and electrifying varieties. The German producer also has a vineyard in Romania, so we can experience the delights grown locally. From the fresh and straight wines to the more complicated structure of the old wines, settled down and schooled in French barrels.
The unique identities of each variety, often concealed behind the formal and restrictive language of the supermarket label, will be unveiled under the tutelage of the experienced presenter who will help to enrich the experience during the tasting session.
The atmosphere will be scented with the perfume of the May flowers and the bouquets of the most extravagant wines.
“Only for a few” varieties make a rare but welcome appearance from great families including Val Duna, River Route and La Cetate.
The presentation ends. And everyone will have hopefully recalled their first love affair with wine. Some ladies will enjoy the delicate rose, while the gentlemen may prefer to converge upon the only Shiraz grown in Romania.
And then a surprise happens. The final moment will bring 'pour la bonne bouche', a wine who's value is equal at least to the sacrifice of those who have helped bring it from the vine to the table, made from grapes hand-picked in the cold December month, such as Eiswein.
The sweetness of this delicacy will keep the taste buds aroused with rich flavours that will linger pleasantly after the end of the evening.
To make this clear, directing this escapade will be Catalin Paduraru (Vinexpert) and the team of The Diplomat, while the actors could be you.
The play has two parts, in which the impresario Carl Reh Winery will present his latest offers: Riesling Leiwener, Riesling Mosel and Riesling 'The Bend in the River' in the first art. While the second session will see Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, Val Duna Dry Edition, Pinot Gris River Route Limited Edition, Shiraz and Eiswein Rheinessen.
Robert Louis Stevenson said wine is bottled poetry, so come and join the drama, which we can assure you will not be a tragedy in two acts, but an instructive and unforgettable experience.