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Real Estate


Full of great potential


An ex-embassy ripe for redevelopment could be a good opportunity for a creative investor, individual, office or mission looking to tailor their own style on a classic villa

With a modern interior and facade with baroque flourishes, this interwar villa that housed the Royal Netherlands Embassy is now available for sale or rent through real estate firm Colliers.
Set in the north of the city on Strada Atena 18, this property is near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and within a district teaming with embassies and residences, such as the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Russia, as well as small but dynamic businesses and wealthy homeowners.
It was built around 1923 by Romanian architect Gheorghe Simota, according to current owners Ioan and Niculae Camarasescu, with some influences from the French baroque.
Before the Dutch established a mission in this residence for 40 years, the building was inhabited by the family of a Romanian diplomat and then served as part of the Polish embassy. But in October last year, the Netherlands was looking to expand its operations and moved about one kilometre down the road to a much larger building in Aleea Alexandru.
There are steps to the approach at the front of the house and, inside, an open plan environment with wooden stairs and banisters that allows a moderate level of spaciousness.
At present there is a security system and two rooms are protected by heavy-iron doors with security codes. The heating system is also functional and some of the doors have leather-padding for soundproofing.
However the interiors need redecorating and repainting and this can be arranged, the owner says, according to client specifications. The attic has also not so far been renovated.
There is a large back garden over 350 sqm with lawn and fir trees. Some of the plants have overgrown, while others have collected around the ballustrades in attractive and Gothic tendrils. Thsi space could have some potential space for entertaining in the summer and spring months, but patience will be required for redevelopment.
The building's total surface area is approximately 240 sqm on each of the three levels (basement, ground floor and first floor). The villa also has a garage in front and around ten rooms.
Once renovated, this building could be ideal as an office building for embassies or firms such as solicitors, designers or architectural firm. The price for renting the villa is around 10,000 Euro per month.