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March - 2005

Wine - New entries on the scene

It had reached the point when I was wondering whether the accessories available were more advanced than the wines to accompany them.
You were able to buy a Screwpull, Pulltaps, VacuVin, Riedel glasses and decanters encrusted with etain, but you could not find the wines that deserved them.
If you thought that Bucharest's wine selection, especially the imports, was disappointing (and you were right there), there are at least signs that things are about to change.
Knowing that some reputable wines are now to be found in Romania, you need only a bit of inspiration to find exactly the right buys.
Until just recently not even the classic wines were available to passionate wine enthusiasts. As for novelties from other countries that are famous internationally, it is not even worth mentioning their obvious absence.
So I would like to mention novelties now available such as those from Slovenia (Refosk, San Thomas), the red wines of Villany, of the subtle Kadarka Siller and the Tokay wines (both from Hungary and Slovakia).
The German Riesling (different from the Romanian one, known also in an Italian version), Icewein for the demanding consumer and Vinho verde for cosmopolitans are other new entries.
It is true that the imported wines were present on the shelves of the big supermarket chains, but their selection was made on the criteria of .... price.
This is why I am happy to announce that at the begining of 2005 in Bucharest you now have access to the honest and well-balanced Chardonnay Bin 65 from Lindemans (Australia) or you can enjoy a Borges Dao without having to order it directly from Peter Justensen.
For enthusiasts or for the wine connoisseurs, the satisfaction of browsing through a well-compiled wine offering is equal to that of a passionate art lover let loose in a large exhibition. The gallery of DOC wines from France includes Sauternes (Garonnelles 2000), Saint Estephe (Chateau Calon Segur) and Haut Medoc, Graves or Pauillac. It is a pleasure to also find on display today a Chateau Cheval Blanc or a Brane-Cantenac of Margaux.
Of course, Romanian wines have their value and as a result receive more and more appreciation and admirers.
In exchange, for good measure, we cannot exclude some milestones like Cadillac, Medoc or Cotes de Blaye.
Fortunately, these wonderful wines are now all available in Bucharest for you to try. So I could not wait to bring you the good news.

Catalin Paduraru