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Real Estate - Classic, yet flamboyant villa seeks leaseholder

A classical style residence, previously playing host to a large section of the American Embassy, is now up for rent in the centre of the city

A classical villa with baroque flourishes, ideal for a diplomatic or business residence, is now available to rent through real estate agents CB Richard Ellis.
Recently renovated by firm Locatto, the large and charismatic house, on Dimitrie Gerota (formerly Jean Louis Calderon) in Bucharest, was built at the turn of the century, and boasts high ceilings and spare interiors, although there are some original art nouveau-style glass features.
It would be hard for the building to be more centrally located, as it stands behind the National Theatre and within easy walking distance of Universitate underground station and Piata Rosetti, plus a large number of other embassies, including the United Kingdom and Slovakia.
At present the building is made of two separate sections which are linked by a small connecting building. This intermediary space now functions as a large reception room that can house a stage and a generous number of people. These two buildings were consolidated in 1998.
The property boasts an elegant exterior with an assortment of amusing flourishes below the roofs and around the windows, with well-proportioned columns and portico, decorated in white, blue and gold which manage to be lively without resorting to pretension or vulgarity.
In the inside of the building, the walls and ceilings are more Spartan and there is a range of different flooring, from parquet to gritstone and marble. This environment seems to be quite adaptable and open, which should be able to allow a fair degree of flexibility. There is no garage, but on-street parking is available and three parking spaces are also possible inside the courtyard. However, there is only a small garden at the front of the building.
The habitable surface area of this unique Bucharest property is 1,850 square metres, which includes ten bathrooms, four levels, a basement, ground floor, first and second floors, divided between two separate buildings and a conference room.
“This is a highly representative company headquarters, creating a powerful and positive image for its future tenants,” argues real estate agent Mihai Ghircoias, head of office department at CB Richard Ellis. “At the same time it could become an elegant diplomatic residence.”
Previously occupied by the American Library and the cultural section, the residence boasts pretty much the highest level of security one could demand, with bars on the windows and air conditioning throughout. There is a large security lodge at the entrance and all the entry points have card system access, plus special secure doors. In addition, the property is host to a large number of video surveillance opportunities.
Because of its status as a residence for a large embassy, it is fully equipped with up to date technical connections.
The property previously belonged to the Girota Family and was then brought under state control during the Communist period. Since the revolution in 1989, this well-preserved example of enigmatic architecture has been restituted back to the family and is now available to lease for around 24,000 Euro per month.