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Marius Nedelcu, TransferGo
Cash will become obsolete and this will be the result of digital finance advancement»

Chinese from Huayu Industrial Group to develop integrated organic farming projects in Romania

The Romanian Niro Investment Group and China Huayu Industrial Group will develop integrated organic farming projects, with the first investment and cooperation agreement to this effect being signed this Friday, a Niro Investment Group release informed.

2014-06-10 13:09:36

The agreement provides for Romania-based investments by Chinese companies in crops, the production of biomass and biofuels, animal husbandry, dairy and meat processing. The planned integrated complex will also include greenhouses for the production of vegetables and a unit for their processing.

In turn, Niro Investment Group will invest in China to develop together with the Asian partner a facility of bio fertilizers and farms for reproduction and dairy cows.

The agreement was signed on the occasion of the visit to Romania of Chinese Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu.

Huayu Industrial Group has been working for 14 years now in the field of integrated agriculture and livestock breeding and is certified for rice and corn organic crops; the group is also certified in Europe for organic food production. The certificates issued by the EU authorities and the Chinese Government are renewed every year following the annual land inspection. The Chinese group of companies has a strong research and development branch in bio crops and the development of high-yielding industrial crops.

Huayu Industrial Group currently has over 500,000 hectares of farmland under crops, of which 10,000 hectares of organic crops. The Chinese group farms the largest organic rice cultures in China.

Huayu Industrial Group develops in China, 160 km from the city of Changchun - the capital of the Jilin province - an industrial park that integrates agriculture with animal breeding, on an area of 13 sq km; the business here includes the production of bio food and fertilizers obtained in compliance with the ecological systems theory.

Niro Investment Group incorporates 20 companies and is internationally acknowledged mainly for the trade and partnership relations it has developed in the past 20 years with peer companies from the People Republic China.

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