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Operational leasing market posts 24 percent increase in Q1 of 2012

2012-05-03 13:41:20

Companies operating on Romanian segment of operational leasing contrbuted to a 24 percent increase of the segment in Q1 of 2012, compared with the correspondent period of last year and to the 8 percent increase of this year’s first months compared with the end of 2011, reaching 40,356 units. According to data deliveted by ASLO, the Romanian association of operational leasing, in the first three months of this year, some 2,261 cars have been registered through operational leasing contracts, representing more than 16 percent within the total registerings of cars and small capacity commercial vehicles( under 1.5 tones). According to ASLO, the top companies of this field rank as: ALD Automotive with 16.8 percent of the market and a 6.781 fleet, Porsche Mobility, with 16.5 percent market share and 6.670 cars, LeasePlan Romania with 16.4 percent and 6.600 cars, Arval Romania with 11.3 percent market share and 4.545 fleet and RCI Finantare with 3.141 fleet and 7.8 percent market share. The full leasing services, including fleet management and operational leasing financings represented 67.7 percent of the field portfolio. Solely the fleet management stated a slighly increase,  as 23.8 percent within the operational leasing market while the financings services of operational leasing stated for 8.5 percent within the market, recording a small decrease compared with the previous year. The latest changfes within ASLO members announce that Premium Leasing became a full member, and currebtly, the association numbers 12 full members and 4 associated member companies. The Association board comprises president Bogdan Apahidean,  GM of LeasePlan Romania and two vice presidents, Christian Busch, GM of Arval Romania and Daniel Ivan, GM of Fleet Management Services.

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