Vol. 4 No.2  

Grand ambitions

Romania’s hotel market is witnessing a massive growth in its two to four star market, as domestic and international chains fight over business tourism
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Bucharest is aiming to make hospitality history with the opening of the enormous 1,500-room Rin Grand Hotel in the Vitan- Barzesti area, which looms over the south capital’s post-industrial landscape like a pink Titanic.
Many of the hotel competition have been stunned by the confidence of the owners, the Negoita brothers of the Romanian Pro-Confort Group. The siblings believe the Capital has a capacity for one of the largest hotels in Europe, in a structure that is more suited to Moscow, Dubai or Beijing rather than Bucharest.
“It is either a huge folly or the smartest business decision anyone has ever made in Romanian hoteliering,” says one senior hotel manager.
Now around 900 rooms are available and a further 600, along with a conference room and casino, aim to open this month. The hotel targets businesspeople and has doubled the availability of four-star hotel rooms in the city overnight. “This hotel covers 20 per cent of the accommodation capacity for Bucharest,” argues Ionut Negoita, general manager of the Pro Confort Group.
But building this behemoth has still not satisfied the appetite of Ionut and his brother Robert. The two have bought a 7.5 hectare plot in Pipera, where they plan to build another mixed three and four star hotel. This will be twice the size of the Rin Grand Hotel.

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