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April - 2005


Basescu meets with axis allies Donald Rumsfeld and George w Bush, as he makes his visit over the Atlantic. This coupled with a multi-million dollar package of military asistance from the AMerican Government and a commitment from the Ministry of Defence that Romania will stay in Iraq until the job of peace-keeping is over.

Dignitaries from Bulgaria and the international community gathered to celelbrate Bulgaria's national day to mark independence from Ottoman rule in 1878. Ambassador Konstantin Andreev greeted the crowds in the salon of the National Museum Arts.

The EADS office opening event in Bucharest on 9 March received representatives of the Romanian government, ambassadors and members of the diplomatic community as well as senior representatives of the company, all celelbrating the establishment of the local office and a bright future for business.

Dan Roman, the new counselor for the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Bucharest, welcomed guestes to the "Club Diplomat" among who were ambassador of the Order of Malta in Romania Franz Alfred von Hartig.

Works of Mexican painter Fernando Garcia Ponce were on display at the Romanian Museum of Art, in an event organized by the Embassy of Mexico to Bucharest with the support of the Cervantes Institute.

Hungarian-Canandian real estate firm trigranit gathered together top businessmen and politicians at Athenee Palace Hilton hotel to propose its one billion Euro project for Bucharest's city centre.

The World Bank opened a new information center at the Central University Library in the presence of Minister of Education Mircea Miclea and a bevy of officials. "I have fallen in love with this library", said Owaise Saadat, Romanian Country Manager for the World BAnk. The centre, open to members of the library, provides books, statistics and brochures informing visitors about the worlwide activity of teh Bank. "Perhaps in five or ten years the World Bank will be gone [from Romania], so now it's up to you", added Saadat.