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Vol 14, no. 4, December 2018
The Diplomat Bucharest

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April 14, 2010 - Hotel Residence, Domenii Plaza

Taxi Services in Bucharest

A business card for an European capital

The taxi service is one of the ambassadors for a city and will facilitate in making the first and lasting impression on tourists. How is Bucharest doing its job in presenting itself in this area?

To answer this question and offer solutions on what can be done in order to improve the taxi service in Bucharest, The Diplomat magazine together with SGS Romania will bring together in an interactive meeting decision makers from the authorities regulating the taxi service, the Bucharest Municipality and Ministry of Transports and representatives of the Romanian inspection authorities.

Representatives of private companies, car importers and dealers, spare parts distributors and representatives of operational and financial leasing companies will be invited to discuss opportunities, solutions and innovations in the public transport service sector, as well as case studies on similar projects implemented abroad.
Main discussion topics that will be debated:

* Which is the current state of the taxi service in Bucharest?
* Is the taxi fleet size in Bucharest optimum for the number of residents and visitors? How does that compare to other European capitals.
* Which are the best practices in the taxi system management?
* Challenges & Opportunities to offer a high standard taxi service in Bucharest
* Case studies of the taxi management systems from capitals such as London, Buenos Aires etc.
* Which are the next steps and action plan in turning the taxi service of Bucharest into a visit card of an European capital?

For further informations about the event please contact The Diplomat- Bucharest at 0040212101336 or