February 2006

Climate and culture boost local quality of life

     Romania is as good a place to live as the Bahamas, according to a new quality of life survey from ‘International Living’ magazine.
     From research into all 194 official countries in the world, Romania occupies 47th position, placing it next to Slovakia, Chile and the Caribbean nation.
     This is better than Bulgaria and Estonia, but worse than Poland and Hungary.
     The research took into account factors such as cost of living, leisure facilities, economic, environmental and health factors, as well as risk of danger and the climate.
     Culture and climate have helped Romania to elevate its position.
     If the index had taken into account only the economy, Romania’s place would have been further down the list with Morocco, the Republic of Moldova, Belarus and Albania. In infrastructure, its score was comparable to Kazakhstan and the Gabon Republic.

Quality of leisure
and culture (out of 100)

France: 97
Romania: 77
Hungary: 53
Republic of Moldova: 48

Quality of freedom
France: 100
Hungary: 100
Romania: 75
Republic of Moldova: 58

Risk and safety:
France: 100
Hungary: 96
Romania: 70
Republic of Moldova: 60

Cost of living:
Republic of Moldova: 84
Romania: 73
Hungary: 67
France: 65

France: 96
Hungary: 67
Romania: 67
Republic of Moldova: 26

Total quality of life:
France: 88
Hungary: 69
Romania: 67
Republic of Moldova: 58

Source: International
Living, January 2006