Vol. 2 No.2  

Issue of the month: Do you think that, following a series of public accusations that have rocked the leadership, the PSD will continue to be an electable party that could rule the country again?

Cristian Poteras, Mayor of Sector 6, Democratic Party (PD) member
“I think PSD can survive as a party but it will never again be a leader. Of course it can earn some votes and go into Parliament at the next elections, but my opinion is that it cannot win the elections and become the ruling party.”

Victor Ponta, president of the Social Democrat Youth (TS D)
“I am convinced PSD can take power. The PSD has been in the opposition between 1997 and 2000 as well, but it got itself together and won the elections in 2000. We will solve our problems this time too and we will be ready at the elections. We are the biggest Romanian party, with the clearest ideology, along with the Liberal Party, but social democracy is more appropriate for the Romanian context. We also have the most competent people and an efficient structure.”

Sorin Ionita, executive director of the Romanian Academic Society (SAR)
“It surprises me that there haven’t been more opinion polls in this period, after periods of over-polling, so in the lack of poll results, it is difficult to make speculations. Doubtlessly, the PSD has a problem, a problem SAR has warned about: if they don’t reform, justice will reform them. Well, I don’t know if justice will be allowed to reform them. And if they hang on for five or six months, launching all kinds of diversions meanwhile, the public opinion may grow tired and forget about the whole issue.”

Varujan Pambuccian, leader of the National Minorities Parliamentary Group
“I have no idea what will happen. There has never been such a public coverage of such accusations before, so there’s no precedent that I can base an opinion on. I can’t predict because there is no precedent, but I don’t think the PSD will have huge problems because of this.”