Vol. 2 No.9  



Where have all the workers gone?

     Romania's needs are massive. But almost one third of its labour force is abroad. If large numbers of the two million expat Romanians do not come back home to work, the nation must look to immigrate foreigners. »

Infrastructure Special

  Targeting private-public deals

  Minister Delegate for Public Works and Land
  Management, Laszlo Borbely, outlines top priorities

»   Look at the state we're in

  Infrastructure experts suggest how to get the
  nation moving

  "We bet on the good guys winning"
  Outgoing EC Delegation Head Jonathan Scheele
  on the rocky road to EU accession
News Reports
» Liberal dissidents launch new centre right political platform
» Ex-Minister accused of spying on colleagues stays popular as ever
» Record budget looks to boost public services
» Top tabloid suffers journalist exodus to Rompetrol boss media empire
» Sweden says Yes, UK says No to all Romanian workers
» Journalist kidnap plotter sentenced to death in Iraq
» Ex-chief negotiator wins EU commissioner post
Country Focus


Fears of a labour shortage could hold back further interest from No.1 foreign investor.
While Erste Bank, Petrom and Baumit leaders tell The Diplomat why Romania is a key regional hub »



Step by step: Investment remains at an early stage
Interbrew, Mega Image and Solvay have already paved the way »



Neighbourhood watch: Looking to enhance cross-border cooperation OTP Bank, Mol and Eufonika take the lead »

Business Leader
»   How to succeed without being aggressive:
  Raiffeisen Bank boss Steven van Groningen takes the
  soft approach
» Property: how prices on the market will increase
» Public spaces under threat from restitution laws
Real Estate
» Property of the month: Monster mansion from Roaring Twenties up for cool 15 million Euro
» 'Largest ever' mall aims to merge out-of-town and urban formats
» Heavy metal: Bourdelle's tough guy sculpture
» Drinking lessons: Advice from a master of wine
» Playing it safe: Luxury sedan the Volvo S80