November - 2005


Come on over

High growth, millions of hungry consumers, a relatively stable Government and EU membership in 14 months. So, asks ‘The Diplomat’, why are so many multinationals staying away?

            Many brands, present in neighbouring markets, are conspi-cuous by their absence in Romania.
            Tesco, Sheraton, Radisson, Mediamarkt, Spar, Ikea, H&M and Electroworld, for example, have yet to take that final step.
            Therefore The Diplomat examines who is here, who is absent and reasons why they will be coming, or will not be.






Playing it safe

Keeping her head

Shake the disease

Major international firms are now eyeing up Romania's security market. The Diplomat examines the threats, solutions and opportunities.
            After the revolution, poor standards of policing, public corruption and little protection for personal property, fed a demand for private security.


Mona MuscaFormerly a popular and moral force within the Government, ex-minister of culture Mona Musca is now focusing on promoting Romania in Europe. But will that be the end of the story? It seems unlikely, as she talks to The diplomat.
Along with former Prime Minister Theodor Stolojan, Mona Musca is the politician that the Romanian voters trust the most, after President Basescu.

Growing inequality means authorities cannot be complacent about stopping the threat of AIDS, Anca Pol finds as she talks to UN AIDS expert Elhadj Amadou Sy.
With the latest United Nations report confirming the gap between rich and poor is increasing in Romania, society must watch whether this could trigger more incidences of AIDS

National Day - Austria

National Day - Belgium


  • View from the top

  • Pump up the volume

  • Building on common interests


Gold mine still held back by defiant protests

One country has seized upon Romania with an entrepreneurial zeal that has left its competitors far behind. Weeks before Austria prepares to ratify Romania's EU Accession Treaty, The Diplomat talks to the Ambassador to Romania Christian Zeileissen.
“Statistics are sometimes misleading,” Ambassador Christian Zeileissen says of the true value of his nation's local investments.

As Belgium takes an active interest in the local banking market, The Diplomat talks to the Ambassador of Belgium to Romania, Philippe Roland, and top Belgian business leaders.Finally dynamic banks from Belgium are showing an interest in Romania.
“We hope that the best will win and among the best will be a Belgian bank,” says Ambassador Philippe Roland.

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation has six hundred million Euro ready to invest in a controversial open-cast gold mine in Alba county, but NGOs resident in the area will not leave without a fight.
Canadian-based Gabriel Resources and Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC) are mounting a new attempt to excavate the Rosia Montana Valley in Alba county for massive gold reserves.