October - 2005


Estate of grace

Luxury interwar villas are the ideal residence or place of work for everyone who comes to stay in the capital. The Diplomat explores the cost of restoration

            Early in the last century Bucharest experienced a building boom of residential villas. A consortium of internationally-trained architects transformed the city into a maze of leafy avenues housing eclectic and individual villas. During Communism many of these houses fell into disrepute due to state acquisition.
            They were separated into different units, rented to families or transformed into offices. Few had the time, will or cash to maintain the peculiar beauty of the capital's architectural heritage.


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Get the balance right

With the Government's financial policy meandering all over the place, The Diplomat takes a brief look at the pros and cons of budgetary legislation. Imports are way exceeding exports. The current account deficit is rising. The flat tax is working, but has not yet pulled enough cash to the state budget. Floods. Widening gap between rich and poor.

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Multi-million Euro cathedral due next to Parliament

            Construction work could begin on the largest cathedral complex in Romania by the end of the year, according to the new Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs, Adrian Iorgulescu.
            The Cathedral of the Redemption is planned on an 11-ha wasteland between the Palace of Parliament and the JW Marriott Hotel.


National Day - Germany

National Day - Spain

Not just a target for textiles

Germany is preparing the ground for further ties with Romania once the country joins the EU.  Corina Mica talks to commercial attache to the German Embassy Roland Herrmann and Romanian Ambassador to Berlin Adrian Vierita.
            A strong and sustained partnership has taken place over the last decade, according to Roland Herrmann, commercial attache of the German Embassy in Bucharest.

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Talking a similar language

Thousands moving abroad to find jobs and then sending money back home? Sounds familiar? Spain has been there before and, as the Ambassador to Romania Juan Pablo Garcia-Berdoy explains, this can be a tool for domestic development.
            Spain is now a major destination for Romanians who desire to work abroad for a better life. From working on a fruit-picking farm up to starting their own businesses, Romanians have become a second community in Spain, with hundreds of thousands of workers now living or semi-resident in Iberia.

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