Vol. 2 No.6  



Change of scene

     Bucharest is witnessing a massive growth in new buildings, but experts fear it may be out of control. 'The Diplomat Bucharest' analyses the chaotic state of development. »

»   I've seen the future, it is piazzas: Mayor Adriean
  Videanu views Latin-style squares for capital:   Exclusive interview
»   "We could not realise one single project"
Architect Meinhard von Gerkan on attempts to
revive Bucharest
» City heads due south:
New airport, ring road and latest Metro line could help southern revival, if funding arrives
» Development boom:
Round up of 100 million Euro-plus developments in the city
Mistakes of past must not be revisited.
»   Prudence pays: Outgoing country manager of the   World Bank in Romania Owaise Saadat reports on the   nation's state of play.
News Reports
» Secret service revelations from the 1970s claim top political figures
» Bosses of Foreign Investments Agency sacked over 'nothing'
» Population heavy but suspicious news consumers
» World Bank bond throws confidence behind local currency
» Plus: Tourism boss resigns in despair and no one turns up to help brand Romania
National Days


Romanian wine heads for Beijing, while
Chinatown comes to the Balkan capital


South Korea

Daewoo Craiova returns to state, while the Far East looks for manufacturing opportunity »

Business Leader
»   Straight to the top:
  Liliana Solomon, CEO of Vodafone Romania, on plans to
  regain first place
» Is collaboration enough to condemn?
Top politicians debate how to judge former secret service informers
» Real estate and restitution claims
Real Estate
» Hotel Bulevard revamp in four-star hotel boost on Calea Victoriei
» Office block trinity due for Pipera zone
» Property of the month: Hollywood style in Unirii
» Best new developments in Bucharest and Romania at large
» Pleasures of the garden: 100 years of painting the backyard
» Small corks equals bad national economic policy: How a country's history is reflected in wine
» All-purpose, All-weather, All-road: The new Audi