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July - 2005


A place to pray

Only five per cent of the properties stolen from the Greek Catholic church by the Communists in 1948 have been returned, while the Orthodox religion fails to agree on a coherent policy of return

“He knew he was being followed by the Securitate,” says 27 year-old teacher Maria. “And when they stopped him and asked him who was coming to his mass, he answered 'ask them yourselves'.”
When Maria was little, her grandfather, a Greek-Catholic priest in Remetea, Mures County, kept mass in secret in a little room of his house. This was attended by a handful of loyal believers in the faith, who would pay homage to the traditions of their religion, despite the fact that members of the Intelligence Service persecuted the head of their local church.

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Business - France

Dream ticket?

Choice and consistency are challenges Romanian tourism must meet, as the industry aims to win ten per cent of the country's gross domestic product.
A beautiful, exciting, good value and fun location with growth potential and delightful guest houses, say some visitors.
A dirty, unpleasant and unfriendly waste of excellent natural resources, where the roads are bombed-out and people in shops never give back your change, say others.


Upwardly mobile

Cars and wireless telephone operating have been among the most successful of France's endeavours in Romania, as The Diplomat - Bucharest quizzes some of the largest names in French investment.Once the grandest symbol of Romania's Communist period, car-maker Dacia had been canvassing foreign automobile firms for a buyer when Renault arrived in 1999 to buy out its automobile factory in Pitesti.

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Business - Switzerland

Business - USA

Independent spirit

Construction and food production have already seen large investments from Switzerland, while the liberalisation of the energy sector could also bring more opportunities.
Generally speaking Swiss business activity in Romania is like its watches: precise.

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Privatisation is a category not to be overlooked, says Obie Moore, managing partner of the Romanian branch of international law firm Salans.
“There are the old industrial companies and those that are partly privatised, where the value of the real estate of the company is often more than the hard assets,” he adds.