Vol. 2 No.5  



Taking care of business

     Private healthcare has boomed in Romania in the last six years, due to a lack of reform and bribery in the public sector. But now the Ministry of Health is streamlining the state system in a move that could open the door for private and public systems to become complementary. »

» EU countries could take treaty ratification to last minute
» What is to be done?
European Commission's latest Monitoring Report in 1,000 words
»   Can Bucharest ever be beautiful?
  Evictions, delays and a lack of funds:
  Report on the renovation of the Historical Centre
Other Features

Guide to private healthcare clinics

     Hospital care, in-vitro fertilisation and lots of other delights: what's on offer in the private sphere

Latin passion

     Italians still moving factories eastward as foreign investment picks up. »

Swede smell of success

     Oriflame goes on-line, Ericsson picks up Marconi business and Ikea sets up shop »

British business not yet bullish

     Small loans and coffee shops soon to arrive, but Vodafone still dominates investment scene »

Business Profile
»   Medicine man
  Roberto Musneci
  General manager GlaxoSmithKline Romania
» What changes will happen to the Government before 2007?
» Fuzzy logic: current state of Private-Public-Partnership legislation
Real Estate
» Property of the month: Fit for a prince: Stirbei Palace, Buftea
» Italians take up 'complex' trend near former sports centre
» Indians opt for block treatment in the south
» Best of the rest: Plans and schemes: real estate round up
» Vanishing points - Road movie-inspired video art from Josef Dabernig
» How Louis Pasteur helps your drinking and other wine-related trivia
» Take a ride on a pair of Italian stallions: Maseratis let loose