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Leaving to make a living

Work migrants keep home economy vibrant

A massive drop in its reported population last year was not necessarily due to falling birth rates or an exodus from Romania, but the result of news that over ten per cent of Romanians now work abroad, many illegally. Anca Pol reports on Romania's most popular export product: its people .

Low wage work in the west is attracting Romanians of all ages into six-month or longer stints of employment in, for example, picking fruit, working as pole dancers or on building sites.
But this often black market trade is also attracting human traffic and, due to this non-union, sometimes untaxed and unregulated work, there are severe risks of employer and sexual abuse.

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Can this man take Romania over the last hurdles?

No more negotiations, new minister of European Integration Ene Dinga promises, as he reveals to The Diplomat what Romania's plans for joining the EU achieve and when he thinks the country could join the Euro.
The incoming minister of European Integration does not have an easy job on his hands.

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"The relationship is soundly based on traditionally friendly ties"

Interview with Thanos Dendoulis, Ambassador for Greece to Romania

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Ready to expand the range

Rising trade and a consolidation of business in Romania means Greece has a firm foothold locally, but there is more to be achieved in exploiting as-yet-untapped markets.
Bilateral trade figures for the first 11 months of 2004 that show a 40 per cent increase on the previous year and 973 million USD should be a cause to celebrate, should it not?
“I honestly admit that I am not happy with the figure, because I can see more potential,” says Lambis Kounalakis, Counsellor for the Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy who, during his previous assignment in Turkey, oversaw a rise in the volume of bilateral trade multiplied by nine.

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Smoked out of the market?

A falling market share. A six-month closure. Political intrigue. Not to mention the small matter of 350 million Euro debts that have not yet been cancelled. Ana-Maria Smadeanu investigates the story of Romania's former state cigarette firm. Smoking is the most popular pastime in Romania. Curbing the deadly activity in public places, pubs or even at work, as is the fashion in Dublin and Milan, would be greeted by the puffing populace with a wheezing chuckle.

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