Vol. 2 No.5  

What’s on offer at private clinics


Address: 79-91 Str Unitatii, Bucharest
Telephone: 021 326 5786 / 021 326 1127
Membership prices: Between 0.9 Euro and 50 Euro per employee per month. Membership comprises 95 per cent corporate clients and five per cent individuals
Specialised areas: All ambulatory services, except oncology, diabetes and programmes which need huge finance from the Government, occupational health
Emergency ambulance: Available. Four own ambulances class B and C and 11 C class rented from partners
No of clinics: 27
Hospital care: Two partnerships available: one wing inside Polizu Institute concessioned for 50 years. There is a project for a private maternity. The second partnership is with the CF 2 Hospital. Romar wants to develop a private hospital for one to two day hospitalisation in Bucharest
Maternity facilities: Available at the Polizu Hospital but also inside CF 2
Occupational health: Available
Tests: Available, 12 laboratories
In-vitro fertilisation: Not available, but plans to develop one inside Polizu Hospital
MRI/CT scans: Available inside CF2 hopital
Vaccinations: Available
Number of doctors and collaborators: 1,200 employees and 2,100 collaborators

SOS Medical

Address: 1 Str Caragea Ioan Voda, Bucharest.
Telephone: 021 212 1352 / 021 212 1459
Emergency number: 9761
Membership prices between: 198 to 466 Euro per year for individuals. Corporates can negotiate prices
Specialised areas: Emergency, childcare, obstetrics – gynaecology, gastroenterology, endocrinology
Emergency ambulances: seven
Air evacuation: contract for air services with specialised firms
No of clinics: three, plus 25 collaborators
Hospital care: SOS Medical works with state and private hospitals. Depending on the patient’s state, a decision is taken in the ambulance as to where the patient can be operated
Maternity facilities: Available – special paediatric programme, own department with full access to specialised hospitals in Bucharest
Occupational health: Available
Tests: Available: collaborations with all types of laboratories
In-vitro fertilisation: No
MRI/CT scans: No, but Euroclinic, the imagistics part of the group, offers “a very flexible and favourable contract”
Vaccinations: Available - any kind
Number of doctors and collaborators: ten full time doctors, 23-25 collaborators, 30 nurses


Address: 20 Sos. Cotroceni, Bucharest.
Telephone: 021 202 6771/ Call centre 9677
Membership prices: Depends on age and type of package. Products offered through Interamerican insurance policies. Three corporate and three individual plans. Prices range from 11.8 Euro/month to 30 Euro/month
Specialised areas: Oncology, gyneacology, pediatry, diabetes and cardiology
Emergency ambulance: Available
Air evacuation: Available
No of clinics: One Medisystem clinic
Hospital care: One hospital – Euroclinic -with 100 beds, three operating theatres and two delivery rooms
Maternity facilities: Two delivery rooms
Tests: Available
In-vitro fertilisation: Not available
MRI/CT scans: Available
Vaccinations: Available
Number of doctors and collaborators: 15 full time doctors and 160 collaborators.


Address: 6 Str Dr Grozovici, Bucharest
Telephone: 021 310 1599 / 021 316 2155
Membership prices: Five medical plans available, 90 per cent corporates and ten per cent individuals
Specialised areas: primary medicine, general medicine, lab services, ambulance service
Emergency ambulance: Available
No of Clinics: Six clinics and eight labs countrywide
Hospital care: No, but four partner hospitals
Maternity facilities: Available
Occupational health: Available - more than 850 companies as clients
Tests: Available - own lab Synevo
MRI/CT scans: Available
Vaccinations: Available
Number of doctors and collaborators: 300 to 400 collaborators. 350 full time employees

Bio Medica

Address: 42 Str Mihai Eminescu, Bucharest
Telephone: 021 211 9674/ 021 211 7136
Membership prices: One to 100 Euro per month for individuals, special offers for corporates
Specialised areas: Ambulance service, hospitalisation, medical centre, air evacuation, laser surgery
Emergency ambulances: 13
Air evacuation: Available
No of clinics: Eight
Hospital care: 23 beds inside a hospital
Maternity facilities: Not available
Occupational health: Available
Tests: All
In-vitro fertilisation: Not available
MRI/CT scans: Available
Vaccinations: Available
Number of doctors and collaborators: 123 doctors and 41 nurses

Simona Medical Clinic

Address: 8 Blvd Marasti, Bucharest
Telephone: 021 317 2664/ 021 317 2749
Membership prices: Five to 30 Euro/month for individuals, three to 25 Euro/month for corporates
Specialised areas: Occupational health, laboratory analyses, ultrasound imaging, obstetrics-gynaecology, dermatology
Emergency ambulance: Available, under contract
Air evacuation: Available, under contract
No of clinics: One clinic and one laboratory
Hospital care: Available, under contract
Maternity facilities: Available, under contract
Occupational health: Available
Tests: Blood and urine tests, immunology, microbiology, parasitology, cytology, tumoral markers, drug detection
In-vitro fertilisation: Not yet (in project, under contract)
MRI/CT scans: Available, under contract
Vaccinations: Available
Number of doctors and collaborators: Nine permanent physicians and other 22 specialist MDs, on collaboration basis.


Address: 12 Str Nanu Muscel, Bucharest
Telephone: 021 410 8643/ 021 410 8543
Emergency number: 9607|
Membership prices: Between eight to 25 Euro per month for individual coverage and 15 to 50 Euro for family membership respectively
Specialised areas: Radiology, gynaecology, computerised tomography, laboratory services, laser treatments
Emergency ambulance: Available, exclusive for enrolled members
Air evacuation: Available
No of clinics: Two diagnostic and primary healthcare centres in Cotroceni and Primaverii, Bucharest and a gynaecology day clinic. By the end of 2006, Medsana will launch the Ploiesti medical centre
Maternity facilities: Prenatal/postnatal
Occupational health: Available
Tests: Include haematology, electrolytes, immunology, electrophoresis, cytology, mycology, bacteriology, ultrasounds, radiology, mammography, bone densitometry, video endoscopies, pulmonary function test, dermatology skin cancer screening, eye evaluation, ENT evaluations
In-vitro fertilisation: Available
MRI/CT scans: Full range of CT scans
Vaccinations: All kinds
Number of doctors and collaborators: 120 medical specialists

Centrul de Diagnostic si Tratament Victor Babes

Address: 281 Sos Mihai Bravu, Bucharest.
Telephone: 021 317 9503/04/05
Emergency number: 9609
Membership prices: Starting at 15 Euro per person (individuals), nine Euro per employee (corporate) per month
Specialised areas: Preventive medicine, general practice, oncology, occupational medicine, surgery
Emergency ambulance: Available
Air evacuation: Not available at the moment
No of clinics: One
Hospital care: Available, operating theatre, intensive care unit with three beds - oxygen equipment, five surgery hospital rooms with capacity for 11 beds, four medical hospital rooms
Maternity facilities: Available
Occupational health: Available
Tests: Include: haematology, clinical biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, oncology markers, hormones, virology, parasitology, bacteriology
In-vitro fertilisation: No
MRI/ CT scans: Both in the process of being installed
Vaccinations: Available, all types of vaccines for adults and children, travel medicine counselling.
Number of doctors and collaborators: 36 full time doctors, 300 collaborating doctors, 46 nurses

Unirea Medical Center

Address: 12 Str George Enescu, Bucharest
Telephone: 021 212 05 67/68/69/70
Membership prices: Memberships only for corporates. Prices between two and 100 Euro per month including hospitalisation
Specialised areas: Around 30 specialities: dental, radiology, laparoscopy, laboratory services, special facilities for children inside Budimex hospital
Emergency ambulance: Available
Air evacuation: Available
No of clinics: Eight and a women’s clinic
Hospital care: Available with seven post - operative rooms/ two operating theatres;
Maternity facilities: Available – renovated a maternity in Elias Hospital and special facilities for children inside Budimex hospital
Occupational health: Available
Tests: Available
In-vitro fertilisation: Available in the women’s clinic
MRI/CT scans: Not for the moment, but to be installed this year
Vaccinations: Available
Number of doctors and collaborators: 30 full time doctors and 70 collaborators