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Bogdan Nitulescu, Tremend
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Building for the future, now

The decision to buy a house is one we probably make once or twice in our lifetime. Therefor we want this decision to be the right one. A house should last the passing of time, fostering beautiful memories not only for us but for our children and grandchildren too.

2018-12-07 14:00:03

In 21Residence's vision, a house should last and be a landmark for generations. That is why the real estate developer insists on details, designs, materials and the construction process for all 21Residence buildings.

21Residence has been able to reach its biggest goal so far: the construction of approximately 1500 units in 21Residence Politehnica project.

But not without challenges, of course. The biggest challenge of all that 21Residence developer has right now is finding qualified work force, and this one is a challenge faced by all other developers in Romania. Another important aspect which has a significant impact on their activity is related to the price variation of building materials.

As stated earlier, the real estate developer was able to complete the construction of 1500 apartments in 21Residence Politehnica, a two phases project consisting of 466 units delivered last year and another 1027 units built in 2018. This is a growing trend for them while the increased number of apartments delivered is sustained by a constant quality.

21Residence is a residential development courageous team, united by one purpose: to improve the standard of life with buildings and apartments made to last a lifetime and more.

21Residence are building for almost 30 years and they succeeded to differentiate themselves in a very competitive market due to proven professionalism, building quality, attention to details and superior products. 21Residence have built their reputation in time, thanks to the satisfied clients. The elements that comprise the real estate developer's signature are: a solid building, refined and modern finishing, bright apartments with an increased comfort and an extended list of facilities that increase the quality of life to an improved standard.

21Residence latest project is Cloud9, a project in Northern Bucharest, designed to meet the highest quality standard, adapted to modern lifestyle. With this building, 21Residence continues its list of successful projects: 21 Residence Politehnica (Militari), 20th Residence (Splaiul Independenței) and 19th Residence (Orhideea).

21Residence have entered the "luxury" market of Bucharest with a bold project. The construction and sale of finished apartments in the Northern area of Bucharest, under the brand Cloud9.

Cloud 9 is a residential complex with a premium high quality. A smart positioning close to all the interest points that really matter for people on the move but interested in the comfort and relaxation given by a smart-designed apartment.

21Residence has invested not only monetary resources, but passion, dreams and emotions that are visible in every detail, from the unique design to the warmth of a place you can soon call home.
The premium quality of materials, the special attention put in details and finishing, the luminosity of every apartment given by large windows, the generous living space, the intelligent partitioning, the guaranty of a safe house, all these will make you proud of calling Cloud9 Residence, your home.

Cloud9 is not a new real estate business but a new brand created by 21Residence to develop high premium apartments, as a new step in real estate developer evolution after the success of their previous projects. 21Residence objective remains the same as always, building and selling premium and high premium apartments at fair price.

With Cloud9, they have tried to adjust the price-quality ratio of the apartments to the Northern Bucharest area. 21Residence has come up with a unique design, with smartly compartmented rooms, finished with premium materials, at an optimum price.


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