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Vol 14, no. 3, September 2018
The Diplomat Bucharest

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Blockchain how it's made and what can we do with it

In the context of the "fourth industrial revolution" that everyone is talking about these days, The Diplomat - Bucharest analyses how an emerging technology like blockchain can be used for improving our lives, when we actually need it and when it is better to stay away from it.


Cryptocurrency exchanges. The new outsourcing El Dorado?

Customer experience has become the new competitive battleground for crypto exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges seeking to maintain or gain an advantage in this highly competitive market need to consider the tremendous value of partnering with a customer service delivery expert. Read on to find out how a trusted partner can help companies meet the growing customer service demands of cyrptocurrency users.

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IT and outsourcing have generated more than 10,000 well-paid jobs in Iasi

IT and outsourcing have generated more than 10,000 well-paid jobs in IasiIasi has become one of the most sought Tier-2 cities in Romania for IT and outsourcing, while European projects worth 133 million Euro have helped the city increase its competitiveness. Alexandra Cioboata talks to Mihai Chirica, the newly-appointed mayor of Iasi, to take the pulse of the city