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Justice fails for one thousand dead

Romania’s bloody 1989 Revolution remains unresolved because, following the collapse of Ceausescu, the new leaders inspired the deaths of 1,000 people. Report by Michael Bird and Ana Maria Nitoi

December 2009 - From the Print Edition

"On the afternoon of 21 December we went to Piata Universitatii in Bucharest to protest against Ceausescu. People were shouting ‘Timisoara!’ and ‘Down with Ceausescu!’ when I heard suddenly people singing the anthem ‘Romanian, wake up!’ [Desteapta-te, romane],” says Carmen Alexandrescu, who was 39 in December 1989. “But the people only knew a few lyrics, so I decided to run home. There I had a book of poems and started to handwrite the words to the song many times over on different pieces of pap...

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