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Innovation Norway - Over 26 million Euro for Romanian companies and organisations

The Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania, part of the Norway Grants 2009-2014, has offered over 26 million Euro between March 2013 – April 2016 for projects aiming to reduce economic, social disparities and strengthen bilateral relations through innovation and green technologies.

2016-10-17 10:17:47

Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government′s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry, announces the results and impact of the Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania based on the bilateral memorandum between Norway and Romania 2009-2014, an initiative which resulted in the implementation of successful projects in greening of existing industry, green innovation and entrepreneurship.

After two calls 50 projects were accepted, out of which 60% were implemented with Norwegian partners. 49 projects were successfully implemented, while the last one will be completed until the end of the financial exercise, set to come to an end in April 2017.

"Its impact can be seen in wide variety of business development projects from different economic sectors: from waste collection and recycling to building design and engineering, even landscaping services. The programme has been an important contribution to all regions, with a wide geographical distribution of projects all around Romania. A secondary result, but not least important, was the contribution to raising awareness on the importance of social responsibility, as many of the projects reached and/ or engaged the entire community and various stakeholders in its implementation," stated Anne Lise Rognlidalen, Programme Manager Innovation Norway.

The assessment of environmental benefits shows that the RO-17 Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania has positively contributed to environmental protection, with the greatest achievements in terms of material efficiency, resources efficiency, energy efficiency and pollution.

The programme included 14 NGOs and social enterprises involved in eco-business development in rural areas, plus 36 enterprises active in the private sector. In terms of company size, 12 were large enterprises, with over 250 employees, 13 companies are medium size (less than 250 employees), six enterprises with less than 50 employees, while only five are micro enterprises, comprised of less than ten employees.

The collaboration between Norway and Romania will continue, as the two countries are currently finalizing a new financing agreement for the 2014-2021 timeframe.

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