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Blum Romania opens new furniture showroom in Otopeni

The Austrian ironware manufacturer Blum announced the launch of its new Otopeni showroom, after an investment of nearly one million Euro. Blum Romania is also celebrating 21 years on the local market, having recorded a turnover of over eight million Euro last year.

2016-10-10 11:41:35

The Blum showroom, the first one to be launched by the company in Romania, was built as an extension of an old office space on DN1, Otopeni. Here, existing and potential clients such as furniture manufacturers and retailers, interior designers, architects, and final customers, will be able to browse through over 4,500 ironware solutions for their future pieces of furniture, finding out the latest trends in furniture accessories.

The need for a new showroom dedicated to Blum ironware products came in a context of an increasingly demanding and developing furniture manufacturing market. In the last two years, Romanian consumers have started to go beyond design and materials in their search for a product, looking for functionality and quality. The buying decision process is now ever more influenced by the quality of ironware, which has an important impact on the life of a certain piece of furniture.

Manuela Soava, general manager of Blum Romania, declared: "We can't help but notice the rising trend of the Romania furniture market. It is accompanied by a shift to a more mature customer who is concerned with quality and durability. In 2016, we estimate that the Romanian furniture manufacturing industry will exceed 2.4 million Euro, with 80 per cent of this value being intended for export."

The Austrian company Blum has been operating in Romania since 1995 and currently has 16 employees. Blum Romania offers a wide range of ironware for furniture manufacturing, with a focus on kitchen furniture, especially doors lifting systems, joint systems, box systems, sliding systems or interior compartments, but also movement technologies and processing aids.

The Blum Group operates ten factories in Austria, USA, Poland and Brazil and holds 28 showrooms around the globe.

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