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Funds worth 150 million Euro for farmers from Rural Development program, the first tranche

The Rural development program (PNDR) for 2014-2020 grants 150 million worth funds for farmers in the first stage and has been recently launched. Apart from previous sessions, the projects can be submitted online.

2014-05-21 13:20:02

The farmers can apply for financing between May 20 – July 18 and , according to official data, approximate 30 million Euro target family farms while some other 15 million aim zootechny activities.
For large agriculture working, the funds deliver 100 million Euro, out of which, 40 million Euro are for investments in equipments for green houses and vegetable production while 10 million Euro are for investments in assembly-construction activities in agriculture.

For developing a family firm, the maximum amount granted through this program is 125.000 Euro, while for the large farms, the limit is 2 million euro. Until 2020, PNDR financing program for farmers will assign funds worth 9.6 billion Euro, out of which 8 billion Euro come from UE and 1.6 billion are secured by the state budget. The previous program, PNDR 2007-2014 assigned 9.3 billion Euro, out of which only 70 per cent have been used, one year and a half before the ending of the program.

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