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BCR,BRD,Raiffeisen and UniCredit Tiriac Bank set up the first banking employers assembly in Romania

The BCR and BRD, Raiffeisen Bank and UniCredit Tiriac Bank with assets of over 45 percent in the banking system, sets up the first banking employer assembly in Romania, under way of being recorded, which will promote the interests of its members to the authorities.

2014-04-07 16:55:13

The setting up of the council of banking employer assembly in Romania (CPBR) could end before the end of June, a press release of the new proposed entity is presented. "Our approach has in view the reunion of the formal attributes of a professional organisation which could represent the interests of the banking system at all levels, namely social, institutional and employers. We invite that all banks which have operations in Romania to join our initiative," stated Steven van Groningen , the chairman of Raiffeisen Bank, who also was nominated as chairman of the Managing Council of CPBR.

The Managing council is made up of Rasvan Radu (UniCredit Tiriac Bank)-vicechairman, Phillipe Lhotte ( BRD-Groupe Societe Generale) manager and Tomas Spurny (BCR)-treasurer.

The founding members mentioned that CPBR is not an alternative to the Romanian Association of Banks (ARB) but a complementary organisation which proposes to promote the interests of its members in relation to the authorities, trade unions and institutions ‘in a manner as efficient as possible'.

At the same time, they show that Romania is one of the few countries in Europe where an association which had the entire official attributes of an employer organisation of the banking sector.
The initiators of the project mention they discussed previously with the representatives of the central bank about the setting up of the organisation, receiving positive signals of encouragement.

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