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Communism favoured by half of Romanians

October 2010 - From the Print Edition

Romania’s job insecurity and a drop in the quality of life has brought forth a wave of nostalgia for the Communist period. The majority of Romanians have neutral or favourable views on Communism, according to a pole by the Institute of Investigating Communist Crimes (IICCMER) and CSOP. 46 per cent of Romanians polled have a favourable view of Communism and five per cent a neutral view. Around 49 per cent of Romanians believe that life was much better in the country before 1989. However most Romanians believe it is necessary to set up a Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Communism and a National Museum of Communist Dictators in Romania.

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Sandra casey: on 2013-04-29 19:05:29
So anticommunist suck on this? Is that what u said? Well at least those of us who are against communism can say so without getting our heads blown off why the f!?k should someone work their ass off just to give it away? And if u don't like American imperialism we can always drop u off at the north Korean boarder where you'll be most happy asshole USA rocks! See what u get on the other side besides an a k47 up your ass commie!!!!

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